Event Photographer Positions and Guidelines

The goal is to capture the essence of the event: happy Subaru owners having a good time and interacting with the vendors and each other

Each photo must deliver either a strong message about the essence of the event and its offering or capture people in their element.

In 2018, photographers will be divided into three roles, all with different schedules and specific objectives.


8am – 10am: all photographers capture lines of cars coming into the event

10am onward:

Photog 1 – Vendor Row:

  • Vendor interaction (cash transactions, communication with attendees, crowds gathering in front of booths)
  • Official vendor presence (overall booth + cars setup)
  • Subaru of America / Subaru of NE booths (people interaction with cars, Subaru staff, autograph signing, and activities)
  • Activities / games (photos of people enjoying themselves)
  • People happiness (candids of smiling people in Subaru gear)

Photog 2 – Happenings:

  • Autocross (poster shots of cars in action going around/between cones with spectators in the background)
  • Driving Demo (like autocross but with famous driver)
  • Car Show (overall car show photos like one would see in a poster, people looking at car show cars)
  • Exhaust Comp (the ultimate poster shots / crowds of happy people surrounding a Subaru)
  • Off-Road Zone: usually just a parking lot of overlanders, sometimes they have an activity worth catching

Photog 3 – People:

  • People (happy Subaru owners interacting with each other / having a good time, any time there’s a crowd)
  • Over all event (shots from good vantage points featuring as much of event as possible, use monopod up in the air if possible)
  • Parking lot (photos of lot, people in the lot)
  • Dogs with / in Subarus
  • Exhaust Comp (the ultimate poster shots / crowds of happy people surrounding a Subaru)
  • Staff (photos of the staff doing their thing / having a good time)
  • Driving Demo (like autocross but with famous driver)

TBD Photog: event panoramic

2pm – 3pm: all photogs cover the exhaust comp

3:30pm – 5pm: all photogs cover the awards + raffle


General rules:
– photo inspiration: think high action poster shots that will get people excited about coming to next year’s event, candids of people enjoying themselves to the fullest
– don’t submit: any photos of the backs of peoples heads, up close artsy photos of cars, photos of engine bays, photos of a car and no people, vendors setting up, very empty vendor booths, photos of just a car (unless you’re covering autocross & car show)


In 2017 we received literally hundreds of photos of the backs of peoples heads. We can’t use those. PLEASE DON’T DO IT.


Here are some examples of good photos from prior years:



If interested in being an official staff photographer, please send a link to your portfolio to khanh@subieevents.com.